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Everything in the store
will be on sale!
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New Magic Set!

New MTG Set Kaladesh!
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Board Games back to Thursdays!

There are always open tables for casual board and card games
as well as organized theme game nights
Starting around 6:00pm


Always Buying Comics!

Here at The Comic Book Store we are always buying comics.
We pay top dollar for key issues.
Buying Collections Large and Small from the 40's to today!
We make it easy to sell your comic books
Come in to turn your books into cash.

Always Buying Magic Cards!

Do you have cards from the Magic: The Gathering Card Game?
Here at The Comic Book Store we are always buying Magic Cards.
Buying all cards from The Power 9 to Standard staples.
We also buy entire collections.

  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Card Games
  • Miniatures Games
  • Board Games & RPGs

Here at the Comic Book Store, we receive shipments of new comic books every Wednesday. We offer a wide variety of genres to suit many tastes. We also offer a discount subscription service. If you read at least 3 titles a month you can have a copy of the books you read held for you and you receive a 10% discount on your books when you purchase them.

If Graphic Novels and trade paperbacks are more your style, come in and check out our expansive selection. We also have a selection of back issues. Many Modern Age back issues (1980 and newer) can be found in our numerous 2-dollar bins. We also have an assortment of Bronze and Silver age comics. For your convenience, all back issues are alphabetized and simple to locate.


We sell Magic the gathering Singles, boxes, fat packs, and pre-made decks. As well as carry Yu-Gi-OH & Pokemon Boxes, Packs & Tins. We run Magic tournaments several nights a week, please check our the calendar of events for a current list.


Warhammer 40k is the most popular miniatures game here at the store, that being so we carry a wide selection of Games Workshop products. Several days a week we have terrain tables open for gaming and we also hold monthly tournaments.


We stock a large selection of different Games. Board Games, Card Games, Dexterity Games, Serious or fun, Strategy or Luck based. You can find games here you will enjoy. We hold an Open Board Game Night weekly, where our play tables are open for the casual play of a large variety of Board & Card Games.!


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